HOW  IT ALL began

The Haitian community own DJ, Promoter, MC. Ram’s aka DJ SCAR  was born in Haiti and raised in Miami Florida. I considered myself an international DJ because of the diversity of my music collection and skill, and the fact that I emerges myself into every culture and able to satisfy their unique taste of music.


My interest for music start at an early age, back in 2000 living and raised Miami 
every morning I wake up listening to DJ Khaled on the radio mixing live having fun and watching other local Dj's mixing in my neighborhood, helping the church with the sound; I even played the drum and bass Guitar mixing   various sounds in my brother garage at the same time. I am knowledgeable in the use of appropriate sound effects for events. Always punctual and enthusiastic, I can blends into any crowd and create a very friendly and energizing/welcome atmosphere.


I move to Canada in 2008 since then   I start promoting myself in the GTA a year later I start getting gags from local clubs in the GTA. Such as Zoom nightclub, government nightclub, windes sports Bar, Root 66, and other local clubs in the GTA and working with some of the biggest promoters in the Haitian Music industry.


I start my company in 2009; success broadcast entertainment witch now have over 15,000-20,000 visitors because of the on-line radio, I  delivers great entertainment at clubs, private parties, weddings, and corporate events etc……my style of music are  Kompa, zouk, salsa, reggae-ton, dance-hall, hip-hop, rnb, afro-beat, top 40’s,House music you name it.


 On Face book I have over 3,177 friends, Instagram 3,230 over Followers that is 6.407 Followers. I have a group with over 5,623 people and my website has over 11,705.00 visitors, so when you book DJ SCAR you not only get a DJ who just wants to be on flyers. You get a DJ with a large network and Followers.

Some of you promoters trying to pay me $100 to DJ and Promote your event or party, I am sorry but you can donate that to the (Salvation Army) because I will DJ and support  anyone  that is try to help salvation army or any Nonprofit Organization that is helping the poor around the World.